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Privacy Policy of Besypics


Welcome to the privacy policy of Besypics. This policy describes how Besypics collects, uses, and protects the personal information of its users. It is important to note that this policy is subject to change due to ongoing improvements and updates to the application.

As we already know, we have two applications: Besypics Desktop and Besypics Mobile. Although they are different and complementary applications that aim to achieve the same goal (being a gallery for photos and videos), the collection or processing of information within each application is different, this is due to the nature of where the application is developed. Later on, we will focus on each of the applications and explain how information collection works in each case.


As two applications developed for managing multimedia files, only types of files related to the extensions corresponding to these files will be collected, whether they are photos, videos, GIFs, among others, within the device running Besypics, whether it's a computer, tablet, smartphone, the same concept will be applied in each case.

It is important to note that Besypics does not seek to collect any type of information beyond what is useful for its operation and to provide its services correctly.

With this in mind, once the data on the device is collected, it can be accessed: photos, videos, and other content related to multimedia files of this type.


Besypics is committed to protecting the security of its users' data.

The data and information collected after analyzing the directories of the device are only processed and then displayed on the screen. The user has the power to decide what to do with them. They have control over how to manage them with the tools provided by Besypics.

Appropriate security measures are implemented to protect the information against unauthorized access, misuse, or disclosure.

The collected information is not shared with any third party under any circumstances. In a way, everything stays between Besypics and the user. No calculations or operations involving the collected data are carried out to send information elsewhere. Only operations are performed on the obtained data to store or manage it correctly within Besypics.


This privacy policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in Besypics' information collection and use practices. Users are encouraged to review this policy regularly to stay informed about how their personal information is used and protected.


Next, we will see how Besypics Desktop performs in each case.

  1. Data Collection:Besypics Desktop collects all multimedia files from the computer by analyzing each directory within the various detected storage devices. It searches for multimedia files that are compatible with Besypics, meaning: photos and videos. It is worth clarifying that directories or hidden files at the Operating System level are excluded.Additionally, Besypics Desktop is constantly listening in case a Besypics Mobile sends multimedia files. If this happens, the received information is collected and processed like the locally detected information, except that it is saved or stored in the selected path for file upload.

  2. Use of collected information:After collecting the multimedia files, each one is processed to achieve their persistence and displayed on the screen. Additionally, if possible, more information is extracted from each multimedia, such as geolocation, storage, weight, dimensions, among other things.At the end, the files detected by Besypics Desktop are accessible by any device available on the local network and accessing the same IP address that is running Besypics Desktop.

  3. User consent:When installing the application, the user already grants all necessary permissions to Besypics to manage the multimedia files on the computer.Like in Besypics Mobile, user confirmation is requested to delete one or a group of multimedia files.

  4. User Rights:

In Besypics Desktop, users have certain rights regarding the information collected and displayed through the application:

  • Access Right: Users have the right to access the multimedia files collected and processed by Besypics Desktop on their computer. They can review the list of detected files and see additional information extracted from each multimedia, such as geolocation, storage, weight, dimensions, among other details.

  • Deletion Right: Users have the right to request the deletion of multimedia files detected by Besypics Desktop on their computer. They can delete individual files or groups of files, and the application must request user confirmation before carrying out the permanent deletion action.

  • Privacy and Data Security Right: Users have the right to privacy and data security while using Besypics Desktop. The application must implement appropriate measures to protect user information against unauthorized access, misuse, or disclosure.


Next, we will see how Besypics Mobile performs in different scenarios.

  1. Data Collection:Besypics Mobile, being an application developed on Android, uses the tools and APIs provided by Google/Android to collect photos and videos from the device. It does not access hidden folders or special directories. It only accesses storage shared by all applications.

  2. Use of collected information:After collecting multimedia files from the mobile device, they are displayed on the screen grouped by the albums to which each one belongs. Upon completion, to establish a connection with Besypics Desktop, the user is given the option to link Besypics Mobile with a Besypics Desktop to synchronize/send one or more multimedia files. That is, Besypics Mobile sends the selected multimedia files to Besypics Desktop, as a backup. This is possible if both applications are running on the same network.

  3. User consent:When starting Besypics Mobile, the user is asked for permission to read the multimedia files on the mobile device running the application. If such permission is not granted, the application cannot run properly, so it cannot be started. Otherwise, if permission to read the device's storage is granted, Besypics begins analyzing the storage to collect and display the found files.In addition to accessing multimedia files, Besypics Mobile requests permission to the Camera to establish the connection between Mobile and Desktop. Apart from that, no other type of permission is requested.Besypics Mobile, operating as a multimedia file manager application, allows the action of deleting one or more files. To achieve this, the user's confirmation/permission is requested to carry out this permanent deletion action of the selected file.

  4. User Rights:

In Besypics Mobile, users have certain rights regarding the information they share through the application:

  • Access Right: Users have the right to verify if the selected photos for transfer to Besypics Desktop have been successfully sent from their mobile device. They can access the application interface to check the status of transfers and confirm that they have been completed successfully.

  • Rectification Right: If a transfer has not been completed successfully, users have the right to take steps to rectify the problem, such as retrying the transfer of photos or seeking technical assistance to resolve any errors or issues.

  • Information Right: Users have the right to receive clear and complete information about the process of transferring photos from Besypics Mobile to Besypics Desktop. This includes details on how the transfer function works, what data is collected during the process, and how data is protected during the transfer.

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