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Banking Solutions

We offer a wide range of banking solutions based on BPM, SOA, Java and others. Combining the best practices the market can offer, together with our know how, we have implemented various processes such as 'ssuing credit cards', 'opening accounts', 'qualifying clients', 'granting credits', etc.

Besy Expense Management

Besy Expense Management is the application to manage and control in an integral way the submitting and approval process for expenses and fixed funds.

Flyer Besy Expense Management


BesyFollowUp (BFU) is a management tool divided into different modules that will serve in the follow up of Claims, Demand or Maintenance of your company.

Flyer Mantenimiento

Flyer Reclamos


BesyPedidos is the mobile application that will allow your vendors to manage their received orders 24 hours a day and synchronize it against a back-end hosted on cloud.

Through our app, you can create product catalogs, client profiles and get a detailed tracking of received orders. BesyPedidos will provide you with a customized control panel with indicators that will help you monitor your business activity.

Flyer BesyPedidos


Paraíso is the complete solution to manage ski resorts from ticket sales to ski school classes. In an increasingly competitive market, capturing and retaining customers has become the key for business success.

Paraíso offers its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to effectively manage these relationships.

The information flows in a natural way across the same system to generate valuable information to help the decision making process.


Besy Invoice Management

Invoice processing Automation

Besy Invoice Management automates the whole process from data entry to ERP processing.

Besy Invoice Management Fact Sheet

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